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Davison Signs For Liverpool Ladies

Gemma Davison will be joining last year's FAWSL champions, Liverpool.

Photo credit: Liverpool Ladies

Yes, the sad, sad revolving door of players leaving Arsenal continues to spin as Gemma Davison heads to Liverpool for next season. For those of you counting at home, that's three players that have left in the past month or so. Davison will be joining Steph Houghton and Kim Little in the ex-Gunners club.

Davison, like so many other Arsenal Ladies before her, has been back and forth with the club over her career. This past season was her fourth go round with the club. So perhaps there is hope she will one day return to this glorious institution. However, we must face facts. In the words of Twiggy from cycle 6 of America's Top Model, Arsenal "is sinking and sinking fast." Well said, Twiggy.

While Gemma Davison certainly wasn't at the forefront of the club like Steph Houghton or Kim Little were, its still a rather large loss for this team. Depth is essentially non existent at this point. And when you take into consideration just how tight the international market is outside of the FA WSL, finding replacements is going to be rather difficult.

I would liken the loss of Gemma Davison to the loss of Jennifer Beattie last year. Perhaps at first it didn't seem that the loss was going to impact the squad that much, but, would ya look at that, it most definitely did. The consistent injury issues of our Queen Kelly forced Steph Houghton and Rachel Yankey to play quite a bit more, and without the solid option of Beattie off the bench, or to even grab a few starts, the negativity of her loss was clear.

So whilst we sit here and simmer in the seemingly dire outlook for Arsenal Ladies, quite the opposite is happening for our gal Gemma. She'll be heading to last year's FA WSL champions, and will very likely help Liverpool defend that title with a good deal of success. We'll miss you, and hopefully we shall see you again in the future.

I do want to close this out with a small ray of happiness as the Arsenal Ladies news as of late has been rather dismal. It does seem that we have weathered the storm my friends. In our posts about Kim Little and Steph Houghton's departures we mentioned that more players could be on the move. Now it seems that the horizon is clear. At this time, I don't think that any other moves will be happening. Obviously, that can change in the blink of an eye but let's remain positive.