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Manchester City vs. Arsenal: Belated Instant Reaction Thread

Sorry about this morning. In a lot of ways.

You have nothing to applaud
You have nothing to applaud
Clive Brunskill

Well, that fully and completely sucked, didn't it?  Both on the admin front - sorry we dropped the ball on the match thread/reaction thread - and on the game front.

Arsenal, to put it kindly, got their asses handed to them by a vastly superior City side today.  The score was 6-3, and that was a bit flattering; Arsenal didn't really show up.  No excuses about tiredness, no excuses about short turnaround; these are games Arsenal need to win, and not only did they not win, they embarrassed themselves in the process.

It's not a surprise that Arsenal lost - this is an undefeated City side at home, who have now outscored their opponents 35-5 at the Etihad - but it is a massive, frustrating, ridiculous disappointment that Arsenal didn't really even bother to show up.

I'm not going to make any grand pronouncements about The End Of The Title Dream - it's December, for fuck's sake - but if Arsenal want to be taken seriously, these are not games they should be getting beaten handily in.