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Arsenal Team News Ahead of Napoli Match

In which some people travel and some don't!

As a German you may want to be a bit careful about arm gestures
As a German you may want to be a bit careful about arm gestures
Jamie McDonald

Arsenal have a...task tomorrow - not necessarily a daunting task, but a task nonetheless.  Despite having 12 points in their group, they have yet to qualify for the knockout round; a win or a draw will see them top the group, though, which would be the preferred result.  The one scenario to avoid, for a lot of reasons, is a blowout loss; if Arsenal go to Naples and lose by three goals, and Dortmund win their game, Arsenal are out. Anything is of course possible, but that's not likely; it's far more likely that Arsenal will at the very least qualify, and if they play the way they played against Napoli in October, could actually win both game and group.

But who, you may ask, will be playing in that win?  Take it away, Oliver Kay!

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" lang="en"><p>Arsenal team news for Napoli game tomorrow night: Sagna and Podolski haven&#39;t travelled. Same squad as Sunday, says Wenger</p>&mdash; Oliver Kay (@OliverKayTimes) <a href="">December 10, 2013</a></blockquote>

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No detailed news yet on Sagna's injury; it's a hamstring injury that various sources not worth linking to say "is feared to be more serious than it first appeared", but I take that with many grains of salt at this point since nobody reliable is reporting that particular angle.  Podolski was expected to be in the squad, but according to Kay did not make the plane.  Is he still hurt, or did he oversleep?  No one knows!  Anyway, Poldi, how's your rehab going?

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