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Jack Wilshere's Ankle Injury: Not Jack Wilshere's Other Ankle Injury!

Roy Hodgson has threatened Wilshere with promised Wilshere an England callup if he plays against Manchester United this weekend.

Stay healthy, ankles
Stay healthy, ankles
Shaun Botterill

Jack Wilshere took a knock on his ankle against Dortmund.  It doesn't appear to be all that serious, and more to the point, it doesn't have anything to do with his persistent ankle problems that have frustrated him for the last couple years.  Sayeth Roy Hodgson:

From what I understand it's nothing to do with his previous ankle problems, this was a kick on the ankle which has caused it to swell up and the inflammation needs to die down.

Mr. Roy goes on to say that if Wilshere does take part in Arsenal's game against mid-table dominators Manchester United this weekend, that Jack will get the call to join the England squad for some meaningless friendlies, thus putting both of those ankles at risk for no real reason.  Huzzah!

With all sorts of discussion going on in England at the moment about the benefits of playing through things like concussions, I'm a bit worried that Roy wants Jack to play so much if he's carrying a sore ankle.  A healthy, rested Wilshere is far more important to Arsenal, who are currently playing games that count, who pays his salary, and who developed and still train him, than he is to an England team playing meaningless games in the middle of a season.

If Jack plays Sunday, it should be far from automatic that he gets an England call, but it sounds like that's what will happen.  International football, everyone!