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Arsenal vs. Liverpool: Good, Bad, and Ugly

This is going to be one of the fun ones.

just...just don't.
just...just don't.
Laurence Griffiths

As you can probably guess, there's going to be a lot of Good and not a ton of Bad or Ugly after Arsenal's 2-0 win against Liverpool this weekend. Rather than having me ramble on, let's get to The Fun Stuff.


  • The Arsenal midfield. Mikel Arteta in particular was very good, Mesut Ozil was good without being that spectacular, and Aaron Ramsey obviously was Aaron Ramsey.
  • Arsenal's defense practically neutralized Daniel Sturridge and Luis Suarez. The latter was occasionally a danger, but he was dealt with well.
  • Wojciech Szczesny. Several very strong saves, there when called on. He had maybe one moment of weirdness, but other than that, a very good performance.
  • Aaron Ramsey's goal. Grip and rip, son.
  • Santi Cazorla alleyooping to himself off the post.


  • Liverpool's midfield, on the other hand, was nowhere. Coutinho was decent after coming on, but Jordan Henderson was mediocre, and I honestly forgot that Lucas Leiva and Steven Gerrard were playing for long parts of the game. I suppose technically this could go under Good, but they were Bad, so here they are.
  • The high defensive line got exposed a few times because of slow reactions to runners. It didn't end in any goals, but it was a little bit of a concern.
  • Olivier Giroud and Ozil both had chances to ice the game and probably should have scored, but both failed to do so. That is not ideal. Do better, guys.
  • Ozil and Cazorla's Partnership of Awesomeness has yet to fully click. It will eventually, more than likely, but as of yet, it seems that they're still learning each other's ways.


  • Luis Suarez. Just in general.
  • Daniel Sturridge had a little bit of a rage fit late on when Suarez didn't pass to him when he thought he should have. So that's fun.
  • According to Michael (who was at the game, the bastard), the away support was a disgrace. Not because they were vitriolic or "evil" or anything - they were just quiet. Sounds like someone needs to get on our level.