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Introducing The Short Fuse's newest new writer

It's well past time we had comprehensive coverage here of Arsenal Ladies. So let's welcome our newest writer.

Chris Brunskill

I've wanted for a while to do a better job of covering Arsenal Ladies. All jokes about the men's team's trophy cabinet aside, they've been massively successful, especially in the past few years, and they deserve the coverage. So that's why we're here together today.

You've probably noticed this week that we've run a couple of articles on the Ladies team, and that's just the beginning of expanded coverage that we plan to start doing. To that end, welcome Rachael Caldwell to the staff of The Short Fuse. She will primarily be covering Arsenal Ladies, giving us news and analysis as well as general opinion. I'm hoping to have full coverage of ever game, but since Rachael is our only dedicated Arsenal Ladies writer right now, we'll sort of play that by ear.

So, hopefully this will make it a little bit easier to follow the finest women's soccer team on the face of the Earth.