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Arteta (And His Magnificent Hair) Fit For Marseille And Other Injury News

He's fine.

Not injury related, but clownshoes
Not injury related, but clownshoes
Clive Rose

Mikel Arteta was subbed out, limping badly as he left, in the 74th minute on Saturday, leading to fears that he was going to be unavailable for tomorrow's Champions League match against Marseille.  Today, though, the club said he's fine, he's fit, and he's cleared to play.

This is of course good news - Arteta is an integral part of Arsenal's amazing midfield, and the healthier he is, the happier I am.  He's one of those guys that nobody seems to notice, but once you do pay attention you realize how fantastic he is at his job; he creates space for attackers, he distributes the ball pretty damn well, and he does it all with very little fanfare.  You notice him when he's gone, which is why I'm relieved that he'll be back in the starting lineup tomorrow.

In other injury (non) news, Jack Wilshere doesn't know why you thought he was injured.