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Henry Is Back! (Training With the First Team, That Is)

It doesn't mean anything more than he's staying in shape with his MLS season concluded . . . as far as we know. Nevertheless, it's nice to see the legend back in Arsenal gear.

He's back!
He's back!
Clive Mason

If you haven't had your morning visit to yet, here's a link to some very heartwarming photos of legendary Arsenal striker, Invincibles-era MVP, guy they built a statue for (and we could go on and on) Thierry Henry, training with the first team at London Colney. Of course, it's all in the interest of keeping up his fitness, as the MLS playoffs roll on without the New York Red Bulls.

This is probably not a repeat of his 2011-12 loan spell, when he was brought back into the squad to give the team some depth and FA Cup warm fuzzy memories. This is probably not anything like bringing in Mathieu Flamini for training after time away from Arsenal, only to be a surprise signing for the team, bringing in welcome veteran leadership and guile. This is probably not smirking Arsene Wenger coyly closing a press conference by saying, "Maybe we will have a surprise for you." Probably not any of these things.

For now, though, enjoy the moment -- Henry, wearing Diaby's old number, training on what looks like a bitterly cold day on the eve of the glorious return of club football.

I mean, they wouldn't bring him back again, would they?