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Arsenal vs. Liverpool: discussion and TV

It's time for Arsenal's sixth "first real test of the season" of the season!

Clive Rose

Arsenal vs. Liverpool
Saturday November 2nd 2013, 1:30pm ET
The Emirates Stadium
SBN Opposition Research: Liverpool Offside
TV coverage: NBC

If you would care to read  full preview of the upcoming match between Arsenal and Liverpool, feel free to click on the word preview and read the thing that Paul wrote yesterday. It does an apt job of previewing this game, as one does.

Okay so this is where we will all talk about the game and stuff. Do as we always do, and simply please behave like adults as much as possible. Yes, it's a game, and yes it's against a good team, but please still refrain from being horrible, even in the heat of the moment, as much as possible. Also, no illegal streams. They are illegal. So don't ask for them, and certainly don't post links to them. The game's on NBC anyway, ya' hooligans.

I'll post lineups when the team bothers to release them. Until then, here is a song to listen to.