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So, That Went Well: Arsene Wenger's First Twitter Takeover is Troll-tastic

Arsenal celebrates being the first club to 3 million Twitter followers with The Professor's Twitter takeover. You can imagine what cheekiness ensued when the Internet played #AskArsene.

"Hey, Roy, did you see me on Twitter?"
"Hey, Roy, did you see me on Twitter?"
Mike Hewitt

Last week, in the midst of all kinds of actual game action, we noticed an item on the Premier League site noting that Arsenal (specifically, the @Arsenal Twitter account) was the first top-tier team to gather 3 million followers on the cracklicious social media site. Naturally, the savvy folks at decided this would be a fantastic occasion for the first-ever Twitter takeover featuring manager Arsene Wenger, and on Tuesday, The Professor took to the Internets.

Well, that just happened to be a fantastic idea. Fantastic, in that the candid and sometimes cheeky manager got to answer questions from fans, resulting in this highlight video and this humorous tweet:

But, also fantastic as in dripping-with-sarcasm, air-quotes "fantastic," because, as you might expect, trolls be trollin' -- a development which was not lost on the entire soccer-following Internet. Here are some of the best of the questions that Wenger did not answer.

And, finally, one that requires either a knowledge of British soap operas or an appreciation of "Separated at Birth" humor (which was actually not too bad from a Spurs fan; note the #coys hashtag at the end there):