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Arsenal vs. Manchester United: Instant Reaction

Well, that sure was a thing.

Little bit not happy
Little bit not happy
Alex Livesey

This was a game that had all the energy of the battery that's in your smoke detector.  You know, the one that you haven't changed since 2008?  Nobody looked on their game today - the absences didn't help, but Arsenal couldn't string three passes together to save their lives, they had no idea how to attack when they did get in the final third, and they just generally looked like they didn't get out of bed this morning.

And yes, it sucks to lose to United, and it sucks that RvP scored the goal, but let's remember, this is only the third loss Arsenal have suffered in the Premier League since March.  Arsenal are still in first place, and this is really only the second game of the season in which they've looked not very good.

It was an off day at the office - it's a very visible office, and people will now start spewing both MANCHESTER UNITED RESURGENCE and ARSENAL ARE NOT SERIOUS TITLE CONTENDER narratives, but you and me?  We know the truth.  Arsenal are a good team who had a bad day, and United are a decent team who have been underperforming.  It happens.  It's not the end of the world, or of Arsenal's title challenge.