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Manchester United vs. Arsenal: Lineups and Match Thread

The enemy is everywhere.

Shaun Botterill

Manchester United vs. Arsenal
Sunday November 10 2013 | 11:00 am ET
Old Trafford, The Seat of Evil, Manchester, England
SBN Manchester United coverage: The Busby Babe
TV coverage: NBCSN

It's time. In the words of Dock Ellis: "Let's do the do." (There's a second part of that statement; I'll leave it to you to find it).

Arsenal are at Old Trafford. Here are the lineups:

So. A couple of things. Per Mertesacker is sick. So is Tomas Rosicky. This means that Thomas Vermaelen, captain, has to step up today in the BFG's absence. Thomas: do the do.

Look for Januzaj to come off the bench and terrify me.

Feel free to comment on all the action below. Remember: do not link to illegal streams, be kind to one another, use a subject line, and watch those image sizes!

And most importantly: