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Injury Report: Not So Happy

In the Arsene Wenger Friday press conference, we learn that Mathieu Flamini is out for the Liverpool and Dortmund matches, among other unhappy things.

Abou Diaby: Still unavailable for tomorrow's match.
Abou Diaby: Still unavailable for tomorrow's match.
Shaun Botterill

It's disappointment time, everybody.

The groin injury that sent Mathieu Flamini out of action last weekend against Crystal Palace will keep the midfielder out of two of the most important matches of the season so far. Arsene Wenger, in his Friday press conference, announced that Flamini will miss tomorrow's match against Liverpool and next week's Champions League tie against Borussia Dortmund in Germany. On the bright side, Flamini might be back for the upcoming Nov. 10 match against Manchester United. If you could come into Old Trafford that Sunday, Mathieu, that'd be greaaaaat.

Other injuries of note: new long-term signing Serge Gnabry, who was unavailable for that game on Tuesday we shall not speak of, will also be unavailable for the Liverpool match, with no word yet on his return. Wenger also noted that the current crew at Club Diaby -- Theo Walcott, Lukas Podolski (despite his happy, "I've returned to training," #aha-hashtagged Instagram photos), Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain, and Abou Diaby himself) -- are not yet available to play, with no conclusive word on when any of them are coming back.

There's one piece of good news: Mikel Arteta, who sat Tuesday due to his dubious red card in the Palace match, will be back in action, because the team needs someone to slow down Suarez and Sturridge.