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New Puma Arsenal kit may have been leaked by Linford Christie

A picture tweeted by the former sprint champion may have revealed the home shirt Arsenal will wear next season.

if it's super tight, maybe this won't happen as much
if it's super tight, maybe this won't happen as much
Clive Mason

It seems like it gets earlier and earlier each year - the weather cools, the leaves turn, and someone on the Internet posts a picture of the clothing Arsenal players will wear in the following season. This year's leaker follows in Arsenal's odd celebrity-athlete-expert history; after Boris Becker comes Linford Christie.

The retired sprinter, gold medalist for Great Britain in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, tweeted a photo he took with Bacary Sagna, Olivier Giroud, and Thierry Henry, in which the three players were decked out in Arsenal gear. Sagna's in a fairly typical Arsenal hooded sweatshirt, but Henry and Giroud are in Puma-branded Arsenal clothes. Giroud sports a windbreaker-style training top that looks like something from the new Star Trek movies, and Henry is wearing a super-tight shirt that could be a training top, but looks more like something that could be a home shirt. It's not dissimilar to the shirt Arsenal wore in the 2004-2005 season, so there's that.

It looks fine. It's a red shirt with white sleeves. It's got an Arsenal badge on it, and a Puma logo and the Emirates Air logo on it. I don't have a lot more to say about it.