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A new writer!


he's stolen Bould's jacket! CLUB IN CRISIS
he's stolen Bould's jacket! CLUB IN CRISIS
Paul Gilham

Remember months ago when I asked if anyone wanted to write news? Well, we're finally getting around to doing something about it. I'm pleased to announce the first addition to The Short Fuse's News team is Phil West. You've probably seen Phil around in the comments and writing FanPosts, and now you're likely to see a bit more of him. He (and the rest of the nascent News team, as they join) will primarily be covering day-to-day breaking news, but may also cover in other areas as well.

If you applied, and we've been in contact, don't worry - this is not the only addition that I plan to make as we try to grow the site and make it even more awesome. There are still positions available, so we will continue to work to find the best candidates available. And if this is the first you're hearing of this, and you have (a lot of) daytime availability, go ahead and drop me a line at theshortfuseblog AT yahoo DOT com.

I hope everyone gives Phil a warm welcome.