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Arsenal vs. Chelsea: Match Thread and TV


This year, I'd like this to be Arsenal
This year, I'd like this to be Arsenal
Scott Heavey
Arsenal v. Chelsea
Capital One Cup, Fourth Round
Tuesday, October 29, 12.45 PM PT/3.45 PM ET
The Home Of Football, N5
SBN Chelsea Coverage: We Ain't Got No History
TV Coverage: beIN Sport Play (whatever that is)

NOTE: England went back to Standard Time over the weekend; games thus start an hour later for us in the States both today and Saturday.

It's not quite Hickory High v. South Bend, but any matchup of reserves that involves Chelsea would on the surface seem to heavily favor the Blues; they have a reserve team that would dominate the Championship and probably be reasonably competitive in the Premiership as well.

Arsenal's reserves are not quite to that level, but I'm not sure they need to be; while the Capital One Cup would be nice to win, and while the players take it seriously, it's definitely not a high priority, particularly this coming week with Liverpool, Dortmund, and Manchester United coming up. So this game will no doubt feature a number of the promising youngins alongside a few veterans, and hopefully that'll be enough to see off Chelsea's "B team".

Just as a reminder, since this game is on a channel that about seven people in the US get - TSF and SBN do not allow the discussion of or posting of links to illegal streams. They're easy to find if you look; for the purposes of this thread, though, pretend they don't exist. Thanks.