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Capital One Cup: Team News For Tuesday

There's a game tomorrow! Let's see who's gonna play it!

If Nathan Dyer can win it, so can Arsenal
If Nathan Dyer can win it, so can Arsenal
Scott Heavey

The fourth round of the Capital One Cup is tomorrow, and while Chelsea has put their toys back in the pram backed down from their threat to field their U21 side in frustration over the scheduling of this match, Arsenal have just sorta rolled up their sleeves and gotten on with it.  The doctor was in Sunday after the match against Palace, everyone has turned their head and coughed, gone home with a lollipop and a Hello Kitty band aid over their owies, and this is what we found out.

As expected, Flamini will be out with an unspecified groin twang, which doesn't sound serious but is enough to give him the night off.  Arteta's red card earned him a one game suspension, and the suspension will take place tomorrow, in a game where he wouldn't have played anyway.  Punishment!  Expect Wilshere, Hayden, and Ryo Miyachi to take part; Zelalem's still suffering from a slight knee issue, so he probably won't play.

As per usual in this competition, Arsenal will field as many young players as possible, but still mix in a couple oldsters.  While fans may disdain the Capital One Cup, players and coaches want to win whatever trophy they're in contention for; Arsene doesn't rotate much, but this game is a chance for the fringe squad players to impress, and they always go for it.  It will be interesting to see who Chelsea rolls out there, but Arsenal's team will be strong enough to mount a serious challenge no matter what.