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Serge Gnabry Signs Long-Term Contract

It's like a new signing. Except not at all like that.

The difference between you and me is, I make this look good
The difference between you and me is, I make this look good
Scott Heavey

News from London this morning that Serge Gnabry, one of Arsenal's many talented youngins, has tied his future to the club by inking a long-term contract.  Gnabry, 18, has made a pretty rapid rise since last year from being "oh hey that guy might be good someday" to "check that guy out he's pretty damn good".  I look forward to the next step, "holy shit that guy's amazing".

Arsene had this to say about young Serge:

He has technical ability, he has power, he has pace, he has finishing quality and he can give a final ball. He's a powerful offensive player and I believe that he will be a great player for Arsenal Football Club.

Gnabry originally signed from Stuttgart in 2010, but he had to wait until 2011, when he turned 16, to officially join Arsenal. Since he joined, he's done nothing but impress, and here's hoping now that his future is red and white, he'll continue to develop and become the stud he's already showing many signs of becoming.