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Arsenal vs. Crystal Palace: Match Thread and TV

Technically, it's a derby. Realistically, not so much.

No wonder they're bad.  They're nine, and there's five of them.
No wonder they're bad. They're nine, and there's five of them.
Christopher Lee

Crystal Palace vs. Arsenal
English Premier League
Saturday, October 26, 4.45 AM PT/7.45 AM ET
Selhurst Park, Whitehorse Lane, Croydon, London
SBN Norwich Coverage: Here's a Wiki article about The Crystal Palace
TV Coverage: NBC Sports Network

Fresh off a frustrating-but-not-club-in-crisis-resuscitating loss to Dortmund on Tuesday, Arsenal face another challenge this morning. Today's challenge? Not letting Wednesday get in their heads, not playing down to the level of the opposition, and generally maintaining Arsenal's fantastic start to the Premier League season.

Crystal Palace are the proud owner of one Premier League win, a minus-11 goal difference, and a vacant seat where their manager should be, having let go of Ian Holloway earlier in the week. Keith Millen is caretaking until Tony Pulis comes and ruins everything for Palace in a week or so. Crystal Palace haven't beaten Arsenal at Selhurst Park since 1979, and on the face of it that shouldn't change this morning.

Jack Wilshere should be OK for the game, but Flamini's probably still out dealing with post-concussion issues; otherwise, we should see mostly the same Arsenal we saw last weekend. Three points, please.