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Holloway Out As Crystal Palace Gears Up To Face Arsenal

When Arsenal crosses town to face Crystal Palace this weekend, it won't be Ian Holloway's Crystal Palace -- the manager of the 19th place team is resigning today.

Julian Finney

As glum as Arsenal fans might be feeling right now -- losing a Champions League match to Borussia Dortmund yesterday, wondering about the health of Jack Wilshere headed into the weekend -- at least they're feeling better than Crystal Palace fans, as the two teams ready themselves for a London Derby of Sorts on Saturday.

After a rocky start to the season -- setting them on a path to head right back to the Championship next year after winning a spot in the Premier League -- Crystal Palace is announcing that Ian Holloway is resigning/being sacked as manager, at a press conference happening in mere minutes.

The Mirror speculates that Neil Warnock (most recently at Leeds United) and Tony Pulis (most recently overseeing Stoke City's gorgeous tiki-taka) are the most likely candidates to help Palace escape relegation, though oddsmakers currently have them as the team least likely to succeed -- with even worse odds than current table-dwellers Sunderland.