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Arsenal vs. Norwich: match discussion and TV

Hey guys it's time for actual soccer to come back, so wake up and stuff.

Julian Finney

Arsenal vs. Norwich City
English Premier League
Saturday, November 19, 10 AM EDT
Emirates Stadium, London
SBN Norwich Coverage: This picture of a real canary.
TV Coverage: Premier League Extra Time

After a barren period of approximately sixteen years, or two weeks, or however damn long it's been, we're finally back to playing actual soccer games that mean something legitimate in our lives. Yeah, I've been bored. Can you tell? Anyway, Arsenal play a game today. Norwich is the opponent. This is the place where discussion of said match occurs. Go nuts, everyone. Not too nuts, though.

Remember the rules and stuff. Be relatively nice and not awful. Don't post links to illegal streams or anything like that. And hopefully Arsenal will win and stuff, and we can all be happy. At some point in the next little while the lineups will be posted, and I will add them to this post so everyone can see them.