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Abou Diaby suffers injury setback

Another setback has put Abou Diaby out of action until March.

Mike Hewitt

Abou Diaby, who was due to return from a cruciate knee-injury towards the end of this year, has suffered a setback and has had further surgery. According to Arsene Wenger,

He had a little key hole surgery again, on the the knee because his knee blew up every time he did something so it is now six months after the cruciate.
He could not even jog yet so with new surgery it is a set back for him so competitive football cannot be played before March.

Now, I'm no doctor, but having one's knee "blow up" (and by that I assume swell) every time one does something doesn't sound good at all. This news, though, won't affect Arsenal too much, as the club now has the strength in depth to not miss Diaby. For Diaby personally, though, this is just another piece of awful, awful news, and the fact that he continually wants to come back and play football speaks volumes about his character. It'll be wonderful if he'll ever get a chance to have a season free of injury, and I wish him every chance of that. Sadly though, those chances look even slimmer every time he goes under the knife.