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Three Questions: Canaries

In the latest installment of diminishing comedic returns Three Questions, it's the Canaries' turn.

Canary, wharf style
Canary, wharf style
Tom Dulat

Okay, SBN.  This is getting stupid.  Before the season, I thought "hey that Three Questions thing would be pretty fun to do all season I think I'll make it a thing".  Then the Schedule Fixilator threw up matches against Stoke, Swansea and WBA, three teams without SBN blogs.  This week, we make it four straight, as Arsenal take on Norwich.  So, in the absence of having a long-time friend from Norwich, or a functioning Scandinavian Norwich supporters' website (there is one, but it's taking forever to load), here are three Canary questions.  Enjoy?

TSF: Can canaries share a cage?
Robirda: You can sometimes allow more than one canary to share a flight cage for part of the year - but never plan to keep a group of canaries in the same cage, no matter how large it is, for the full year, unless you don't mind BIG trouble!

TSF: Why won't my canary bathe?
Robirda: What colour is the tub, and how deep is the water?  How high above the tub are the perches, and how far away?  If they are directly up, then chances are, he may not hop down to it.  If he grew up with a tub which hangs on the side of the cage (as many birds do), be may find a tubbie on the bottom of the cage scary - particularly if he doesn't like the colour.

TSF: When is the canary's breeding season?
Robirda: IF the birds are getting only natural daylight, and that's a big IF! The entire Hemisphere of the planet (whether north or south) begins spring at about the same time, and generally, spring is breeding season for canaries.  Those who are getting eggs and or chicks earlier in the year, are getting them because their birds have seen enough artificial lighting before or after outdoors darkness, that they are confused, and think that it is later in the season than it really is.

There you have it - you're now more fully prepared for Saturday's match.  If by "Saturday's match" you mean your trip to the pet store.