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Good News, Everybody: There's Good Injury News! (And Some Not-So-Good)

Football's back this weekend, so let's talk about who's going to be playing it!

Welcome back!
Welcome back!
Julian Finney

Like a spring sunrise after a long winter's night, the world is starting to awake to football again - not the silly stuff, but the real stuff.  And with that awakening comes a taking of stock - you get up, you look in the mirror, you recoil in horror, and you cover up all your mirrors forever.  Or is that just me?

Anyway, Arsenal's players are back at London Colney now, and stock has been taken; the news is a mixed bag of mostly M&M's and a fun sized Three Musketeers bar with a few circus peanuts thrown in.  Shall we?


Mesut Özil, Santi Cazorla, and Bacary Sagna are all in contention for the team Saturday, although Özil has to undergo a fitness test.


Theo Walcott's almost back - two weeks to full fitness.


Sanogo, Ox, Diaby, and Podolski are still "some way from fitness".

So there we have it.  Arsenal's back, they're top of the table, the squad is embiggening through health, and they're playing at home Saturday.  Told you it was good news!