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Step Back From The Ledge: Özil Is Apparently ÖK


They're both fine
They're both fine
Jamie McDonald

Granted, we don't like to get all our breaking news from Twitter, because it's Twitter, but in this case we're making a small exception, because, well, Özil:

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p>Bild reporting Özil just has a knock on his knee, not a serious injury, according to <a href="">@FrenchAFC</a>.</p>&mdash; danlevy1 (@danlevy1) <a href="">October 15, 2013</a></blockquote>

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My opinion of international soccer is as well known as some folks' opinion of the yellow kits, so I won't rehash it here, but I will say that I'm glad that this turned out to be nothing, or there would have been some serious anger spewing forth from even the most ardent of fans of the international game.

Hopefully Mesut is in his hotel room/apartment with a beer in his hand, an ice pack on his knee, and whatever his favorite snack is close at hand; a few days' rest and hopefully he'll be ready to go this weekend.