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Ozil leaves Germany game with possible injury

Something happened to his knee. That's about all we know right now.

PICTURED: Mesut Ozil, his knees
PICTURED: Mesut Ozil, his knees
Jamie McDonald

Mesut Ozil was playing for Germany today in what's basically a meaningless game, and late on he had to leave with an apparent knee injury. Among the things we know for certain:

  • It involved one of Ozil's knees.
  • He was substituted immediately after.
  • He went down the tunnel limping.

That's pretty much it right now - honestly I can't even see anyone talking about whether or not it was an impact injury. We'll clearly have to wait for a while for an actual diagnosis. There's a Twitter rumor that it's a ligament injury, but that comes from exactly nobody reliable, as far as I can tell, so ignore it for the time being.

The next couple of hours may be a little nervy, though. We certainly won't want to lose our most talented player for any extended period of time, no matter how well Aaron Ramsey is playing at the moment. And for it to happen in a doubly meaningless international game would be hard to take.

Still, for the moment, it could be a banged knee that was sore at the end of a game as well as it could be anything else. Don't freak out too much yet. We can save that for later, if need be.