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World Cup Qualifiers, October 11: International Football Fun Time Discussion Zone

Want to talk about today's international games? Good.

Lennart Preiss

Hark! There be international games here! Yeah, it's the interlull, so we are, of course, bored out of our skulls. There are actual games going on today, so I thought it would be helpful to throw up a post for everyone to discuss what's going on, and commiserate about how we still have to wait like a week to see Arsenal play again.

Phil did a useful roundup this morning of which Arsenal players will be appearing in today's games (or which ones are available, I guess, since we aren't yet privy to all the lineups). Here it is. I shall not bother repeating the things he's already said.

The same rules apply today that apply to any match discussion. Be nice to each other, and particularly refrain from letting petty international disputes turn into something nasty. Don't post any illegal streams - I know you'll probably be tempted, but that's not allowed on The Short Fuse Dot Com.

Happy watching.