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Sao Paulo on Denilson: "We believe we'll reach an agreement with Arsenal"

On-loan midfielder Denilson could be permanently staying in Sao Paulo after recent comments suggesting the possibility of such a move is close to reality

Clive Mason

More Arsenal clear-out news today as Sky Sports reports that Sao Paulo Vice-President Joao Paulo de Jesus Lopes, when asked about extending Denilson's loan deal to a permanent move, said:

"I believe we'll reach an agreement with Arsenal," Sao Paulo vice-president Joao Paulo de Jesus Lopes told UOL.

"We have heard from Denilson that he doesn't want to return to England, that he wants to stay here with us.

"I think our relations with Arsenal will help that to happen."

This is one move that I can see being sealed up very quickly. Denilson is currently on his second-straight loan spell at his home club and Arsene Wenger had little trouble, back in July 2012, in agreeing to loan him back to Sao Paulo for another season. Brazilian clubs have been aggressive, as of late, in recruiting native players who've found themselves out-of-form at their European clubs -or simply homesick - and additionally, with the World Cup coming up in his home country next year, Denilson's also looking to maximize his chances at making the final squad. He's been on the receiving end of extended run at SPFC (between all club competitions in 2012, he had a total of 65 appearances - good for 2nd most at the club), and it's clear that Wenger has no future plans for the soon-to-be 25 year-old midfielder.

With the Campeonato Paulista and Sao Paulo's First Stage matches versus Club Bolivar in the 2013 Copa Libertadores set to kick off this month, and the start of the Campeonato Brasilero to begin this spring before the summer transfer window opens, it's easy to see why Sao Paulo is anxious to settle Denilson's long-term status as quickly and efficiently as possible.