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FA Cup Man Of The Match: Kieran Gibbs

In a match where nobody really stood out one way or the other, TSF awards its sought-after Man of the Match award to Kieran Gibbs.

Do you cake?
Do you cake?
Clive Mason

That sure was fun, wasn't it kids? And the fun will continue, with the replay coming in a week that also sees Arsenal play Chelsea and Manchester City! Excellent!

Anyway, this game was the Arsenalest of Arsenal games. A relatively anonymous first half, in which Arsenal looked vaguely threatening without actually threatening, and then the least surprising thing ever happened in the 58th minute when Michu put Swansea ahead. Arsenal then Arsenaled their way back to a 2-1 lead with two goals in two minutes, before Arsenaling the end of the game by allowing Swansea to level things towards the end of regulation.

In all that, there were a few decent-if-not-amazing performances; Kos wasn't all that terrible, and Giroud had his normal good-but-not-stellar game. But Kieran Gibbs just shades the MOTM because he scored the goal that should have won Arsenal the game; if Arsenal ever learn how to defend they'll be stunning, and Gibbs would have walked off a hero, but instead Gibbs will have to be happy with TSF's Man of the Match award, an award that is only slightly less prestigious than the Perennial Plant Association's Award of Merit, won last year by William Cullina. You're in heady company, Kieran Gibbs, but how are your perennial plants?

The other reason to bestow Gibbs with this award was provided by our own Ted Harwood, who when asked about his opinion on Man Of The Match, said:

I mean if nothing else, his goal was sexual

Match that, William Cullina.