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Malaga Reportedly Buy Replacement Left-Back

On Sky Sports News, Spanish football expert Graham Hunter reported that Malaga have signed Vitorino Antunes, of Portugal side Pacos Ferreira. Atunes has played international football for Portugal, and, according to Hunter, would suggest that Malaga have signed their replacement for Monreal, further indicating his imminent arrival at Arsenal.

Both Hunter and Sid Lowe have been effusive in their praise of Monreal; Hunter said Monreal is the perfect blend of Spanish and British football traits, with excellent technical ability, but also with a good appetite for tackling. Monreal has won a higher percentage of tackles this season than Kieran Gibbs, though, again, comparing statistics between two players who play in different teams with different styles is somewhat pointless.

Lowe said that Monreal is "well-positioned" and a "steady full-back". After the heart-attack provoking style of Andre Santos' defending, this is nothing but good news.

More interestingly, Hunter said on SSN that Arsenal and Malaga had agreed a deal for Monreal in the summer, and thus, Monreal had started learning English. Kieran Gibbs' injury brought the deal forward.