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Reminder: Transfer Window Live Blog and Post Tomorrow

Set a reminder on your calendar for tomorrow to come chat and gossip about all the activity that's bound to happen on the last day of the transfer window

Marco Luzzani

Will Arsenal sign a new player? Probably not. But that shouldn't stop you from participating in what's possibly going to be the best live blog to ever grace the intertubes tomorrow. Aidan and I will be co-hosting the event with a start time around morning-ish, and we'll go as long as it takes until someone - anyone - is snapped with an Arsenal shirt in their hands.

Nothing will be off-topic when it comes to transfer discussions, and we'll be providing you the up-to-the-minute updates on the activity going on both inside the club (very little) and outside the club (more than very little). You got a scoop from your next door neighbor's doctor's brother that Etienne Capoue is waiting by the luggage turnstile, wondering where his luggage is? Post it. John Cross tweeted that some lackey in his newsroom made up some fancy fiction about Mario Goetz being led around Colney, and they attributed his name to the breaking news? Let us know. This is your time to shine (also, credible links and rumors are welcomed, too).

In all reality, you don't want to be on the outside looking in when you're the first to find out that we're not signing anyone, so show up tomorrow and brings your best.