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VIDEO: SB Nation covers the transfer window thus far!

Ryan Rosenblatt of SB Nation examines the transfer window thus far for English Premier League teams!

Chris Brunskill

Admittedly, Arsenal haven't had a very exciting transfer window so far this January, but the rest of the Premier League is making a few things happen. Arsenal may or may not bring in some players in the next few days, despite some clear lacks of depth at striker, defensive midfielder, and left back. Meanwhile, Newcastle is buying all of Ligue 1, despite their star purchase of last season, Demba Ba, leaving the team for Stamford-y pastures towards the start of the month.

But what's going on in the rest of the league? Have Spurs entered bat country? Has Roman made it rain even more at Chelsea? Does Brendan Rodgers believe that a couple more additions can see Liverpool challenge for the Champions League spots once again? Does Sheikh Mansour see some shiny things he likes? Ryan Rosenblatt of SB Nation discusses all of the ins and outs in the video below: check it out!