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Fusillade, Episode 17: A bunch of ca(poo), eh?

The podcast is back!

Laurence Griffiths


That's right. A brand new podcast. Three of us finally got our act together, and managed to record a podcast on Sunday evening, following Arsenal's 2-1 loss to Chelsea. And, despite the loss and the season thus far, we managed not to sigh heavily, because we care.

On the podcast, I was joined by Ted, and new podcaster Travis, so go easy on him. Paul, the poor fellow, is sick with the flu, so couldn't join, while Thomas is taking a relaxing holiday in the Carribbean*.

We talked about a number of things: The 2-1 defeat to Chelsea, the Diaby-Coquelin axis, whether that axis needs to be upgraded by a defensive midfielder (read Etienne Capoue), the pronunciation of Capoue (I assume apostolos is an expert) and other various Arsenal-related issues. Ted advocates Arsenal signing a different tactical option; I suggest Rory Delap.

You can listen/download from here, or from the very page! The iTunes link will be up later when I figure out how the hell it works get more detailed instructions.

*I assume that's what everything south of Washington is. I'm from the Northeast, remember.