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The Open January Transfer Window Rumors Thread

Arsenal continue the fight in the EPL and Champions League, and the club will look to the January transfer window for the opportunity to strengthen the squad. Here is where you can post all the Arsenal transfer rumors you're hearing

Julian Finney

It's that time of the year again, when clubs assess their squads and find the players on the market to help them achieve their goals for the season. And there perhaps is no other club in the EPL that will be as active in the market, and as scrutinized in the market, than our very own Arsenal.

There are names out there already on the squad who look to be on the way out (Chamakh, Arshavin), and there've already been names linked with Arsenal (Adrian Lopez, Arda Turan, Nani). Nothing is set, and nothing is certain. But what remains the same, and always will, are the stories that generate each day either linking the potential players, or distancing the potential targets away from the club. Here is where you can go nuts and post whatever it is you're hearing regarding the players you're hearing being linked to, and away from, Arsenal.

While we have very few (if any) rules regarding the source of the rumors you're hearing, we do have a few guidelines we'd like you to follow. The first one being a staple around these parts of the interweb, and that's using a subject line when posting. The second one we'd like you to adhere to is to use this open thread as the one place to post all rumors you're hearing in an effort to keep other posts more on-topic. While it may be sometimes unavoidable, depending on what the topic of the post is, we'd like the comments in other posts to stay as close to the subject as possible. And the last one is to always - if possible - link the source from where you're getting the rumor from.

Other than that, the comments section is yours to do with as you please regarding the transfer rumors you've been hearing. Here's hoping that we spend a bit of money and we bring the exact pieces we need to continue our push towards a successful season.