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Arsenal v. Swansea City: FA Cup 3rd Round Replay Match Thread

The fixture nobody wanted to play is here as Swansea cleverly avoid the £62 away fan ticket charge by being today's opponent.

He would make a really bad center fielder.
He would make a really bad center fielder.
Richard Heathcote

Arsenal v. Swansea City FA Cup 3rd Round Replay
Kickoff: Wednesday, January 16, 7.30 PM London, 2:30 PM East, 11.30 AM West
Emirates Stadium, The Most Expensive Stadium In The Most Expensive City In The World
TV Coverage: (subscribers only)

"The Romance of The Replay" is here, as Arsenal's 2-2 draw with Swansea comes back to haunt the fixture list like a Baconator to an artery. Arsene has already said Jack Wilshere will start, we can only assume Cazorla will continue being ground down to a nub, and Arsenal will probably field a fairly strong side for this one as the Gunners try to win their first trophy since the Normans showed up, had a look around, and said "this looks like a nice bit of land, we'll have this."*

*I may have been reading too many angry Arsenal blogs lately

Anyway, kickoff's at 11.30 my time, and since I'm writing this, that's what time I'm using. Perspective is MINE! You know the rules - don't mention/link to any non-fox soccer TV streams of this game (it's against SBN rules), don't go crazy with massive images, and no matter what happens, be civil.

LINEUPS: (the Mod Squad might not be able to be around at or right before kickoff, because of stupid school/day jobs/running from the law (delete as applicable), so if one of us hasn't posted the lineups by KO, please, someone feel free to do so in the comments)