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Arsenal injury news: Olivier Giroud declared fit for next France match


According to French radio station RMC, Arsenal and France striker Olivier Giroud will be fit and available for France's next match after missing the Finland contest with a muscle problem:

Olivier Giroud, qui n'avait pu s'entraîner normalement ces derniers jours en raison d'un problème musculaire, est désormais opérationnel.

-- Source: RMC

This translates roughly to: "Olivier Giroud, who was unable to train normally these [past few] days due to a muscle problem, is now operational." I like the way that translation is phrased, don't you? "Operational", as if he were the friggin' Death Star or something like that. Can you imagine?

LANDO: (Surveys Olivier Giroud playing striker, missing chances) Home One, this is Gold Leader.

(Giroud suddenly crushes a defender and then lasers in a shot from 20 yards).

LANDO: That blast came from Olivier! That thing is operational!

You have no idea how much I want that to actually happen. Giroud, thought to be injured and struggling, destroys for Arsenal in their next match, and Billy Dee Williams flies down in the Millennium Falcon. This needs to happen. The website Injury League adds that a poll in Le Parisien "asked if it was ‘a must’ that Giroud partnered Benzema in the French attack in their next game. At the time of writing, 75 per cent of respondents had replied ‘YES.’"

Have they seen the Death Star? It needs no support! I just hope that France doesn't screw up, allow Han Solo to infiltrate and destroy Giroud's shield generator, and thus crock Giroud for the Southampton match. This could happen, after all.