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Arsenal move up in SBNation power rankings

Arsene points the way.
Arsene points the way.

Last week, Arsenal's double-draw opening saw them land firmly in fifth place on SBNation Soccer's weekly power rankings. Well, a win at Anfield (I don't care what people say, I still think that's a solid away win) later, and things have changed a little bit (click link to see all the rankings and where Arsenal come out this week!)

The top three are about what you'd expect, although if Robin van Persie and Paul Scholes had their own rankings, I think they'd slot it far, far above the entity otherwise known as "Manchester United". I'm not sure I'd have QPR at the very bottom, simply because I think their hilarious transfer dealings have given them slightly more talent than the other basemental teams, but they're still pretty poopy.

Also: no, I do not have any idea why Southampton are 18th. This is a team who have scared the crud out of both Manchester clubs, and if I didn't keep deciding to go to the other room when they concede, I would have thought they were amongst the better teams in England. And they might be.

Anyway, check out the rankings, and let us know what you think!