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Abou Diaby will miss at least three weeks with thigh strain

Arsenal midfielder Abou Diaby will miss a minimum of three weeks with a thigh strain, according to Arsene Wenger in his post-match press conference.

Julian Finney - Getty Images

Abou Diaby, Arsenal midfielder and the unluckiest player probably in Gunners history (with the exception of Unlucky Theo), will miss a minimum of three weeks with a thigh strain, Arsene Wenger confirmed in his post-match press conference today at the Emirates following Arsenal's 2-1 home defeat to Chelsea.

Diaby appeared to sustain the injury while taking a shot a third of the way through the opening half, and a few minutes later, Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain came on to replace him. It's hard to say how much of an impact the injury had on Arsenal's gameplan, but Ox is less used to the defensive responsibilities as a double pivot alongside Arteta than Diaby is, and Chelsea had a lot of room to operate between the lines today. In the end, of course, Arsenal's main failings came on set pieces, but the fouls were won between the lines.

Meanwhile, Arsenal have to find someone to slot in alongside Arteta, and the obvious choice is Francis Coquelin, who played there capably against Southampton. Andrei Arshavin is likely to take up the free spot on the bench for now, although Emmanuel Frimpong could be in contention for that spot as well.