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Could Carl Jenkinson be in line for an England call-up?

Carl Jenkinson's excellent start to the 2012-13 season hasn't gone unnoticed in Roy Hodgson's office, and injuries to England's first-choice right backs may open the door for the 20-year old.

Laurence Griffiths - Getty Images

The Daily Mail (yes, yes) is suggesting that Arsenal right-back Carl Jenkinson could get a shot as reserve right-back behind Tottenham's Kyle Walker for England's World Cup qualifier against San Marino on October 12. Nobody at the FA has come right out and said so, but that never stopped the Daily Mail before.

However, the speculation that they're engaging in here is actually somewhat sound. Once you start to dip below Glen Johnson and Martin Kelly, the former being suspended and the latter out with a bad injury, the pickings get pretty slim. Walker is the obvious choice, given his greater experience, but San Marino are about as much of a threat to England on the football pitch as they would have been in a naval battle in 1875, and there's no reason to think that Jenkinson wouldn't run out against them.

The catch here, of course, is that Jenk is also eligible to play for Finland, whom he represented as a U21. If his growth continues as it has been over the past few months, England would be keen not to lose the possibility of him slipping on a shirt for the Three Lions rather than sitting in saunas saying "Suomi". It's something to keep an eye on, with Johnson turning 28, Kelly injured for the long term, and Walker offering a slightly different tactical profile as a right back. Jenkinson might just be the man to step in if more defending is needed, and if he can keep his form and growth up as he has so far, England needn't worry too much.