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Arsenal 6-1 Coventry City: match highlights

Since Arsenal's rout of Coventry City in the Capital One Cup (née Carling Cup, née Milk Cup, née League Cup) wasn't televised live anywhere in the world, only the 60,000 or so paying customers - or however many actually bothered to show up - got to see any of it. This is unfortunate, because it sounded like a pretty fun game to watch, and we all enjoy fun.

That's why it's great news that Arsenal have made the highlights of the game available for free via Arsenal Player, whether or not you're a subscriber. They're not really full highlights - it's just the seven goals, plus the Andrei Arshavin foul that led to the penalty, and Olivier Giroud's ensuing penalty saved by Joe Murphy. But really, that's a good start, especially for a grand total of no money at all.

If you haven't already gotten a chance to catch the highlights, visit Arsenal Player and check it out. And if you have seen them somewhere else, watch them here too, because the video quality is superb and you can actually see what's going on. And real talk: Giroud's chiseled features deserve the highest resolution possible. You'll thank me later.