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Get ready for some big changes coming to The Short Fuse!

Julian Finney - Getty Images

So you remember when we showed you the new Short Fuse logo a couple weeks back? Well, the full-on changes to how SBNation looks and feels are coming very soon. The folks here have been working incredibly hard to bring you new site with much faster load times that will run better, so you can get to all the Arsenal content as quickly as possible. Our improved story layouts are going to present content in vastly improved ways; gone are the days of scrolling all over the place trying to find that one Appresh Thread for Gervinho.

Also, we've designed sites that work equally well on any platform you got--computer, mobile, tablet, it's all coming at you fast and furious. No matter if you're reading TSF on top of a mountain or in the deepest depths of the Marianas Trench (the 3G down there is a little spotty), your experience will not change.

Fanposts and fanshots are not going anywhere, either. The idea is to improve the experience for the readers (and also for the writers), and these changes will do exactly that. So brace yourselves, ladies and gentlemen; it's going to be an exciting ride!

Below the jump, take a look at a couple of teaser images for how our sites will work (and NB: we are not converting to be an ASU or Dallas Stars blog. We're still the Lukasz Fabianski of Arsenal blogs!)