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Arsenal Man of the Match: Carl Jenkinson

Julian Finney - Getty Images

Choosing a man of the match from Tuesday's Montpellier game proved difficult amongst the staff here at The Short Fuse Towers, so difficult, in fact, that it's taken 48 full hours to arrive at something like consensus. We arrived at that consensus roughly like this: Mert? Jenk? Giroud? Poldi? Maybe Jenk again? How about Vito? Gervinho? Mert? Jenk.

In the end, in a match where Arsenal were under pressure for probably two thirds of the match, and a match where the two goal scorers, Lukas Podolski and Gervinho, were invisible for the entire second half, and a match where the defense wasn't exactly rock solid, but did enough, we chose the man who not only set up the game winning goal with a perfect low cross into the six-yard box, but also whose flank went basically unmolested for most of the onslaught in the second half (and yes, granted, Kieran Gibbs left more space, but still).

We chose Carl Jenkinson. Haters gonna hate.

Who do you feel was man of the match for Arsenal?

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