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Steve Bould, coaching superhero

Amy Lawrence wrote a great piece in the Guardian this morning about Steve Bould and the effect his presence has had on the back line - and, surprisingly, on the midfield. Arsenal remain the only club in all four tiers of English professional football to have not conceded a goal this season, and while it's a bit reductionist to say that that is all down to the coaching abilities of one of the best defenders England has ever seen, well, I'm saying it anyway.

The piece gives some insight into the contrasting styles between Bould and Wenger, but doesn't go the "Bould is shouty and Wenger is stoic" easy way; it's a great read. I loved Steve Bould as a player, and so far I'm loving him as a coach. And next Tuesday he gets to manage! Wenger's suspended for two Champions League games, so Bould's going to run the show.

I was thrilled when the club appointed Bould, and I'm thrilled with how well it's working so far. Keep it up, Steve.