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Manchester United Still Chasing Robin Van Persie, Claims Sir Alex Ferguson


According to reports from Manchester United's official dot-com scribe Nick Coppack, manager Sir Alex Ferguson has stated that Manchester United are still bidding for Arsenal's striker Robin van Persie, and will presumably stay the course until the matter is resolved somehow or September 1st, whichever comes first:

This disclosure of MUFC's intent will no doubt change little about Arsenal's stance on the matter, which is officially that van Persie is an Arsenal player and will see out his contract, which runs through the forthcoming season. That hasn't kept Ferguson from being a little mystified at what Arsenal are up to:

It is also hard to know whether van Persie really wants to go to Manchester United above all others; remember, only last week people were lambasting him based on the theory that City was the only place he wanted to go, and that was for money, apparently. The Dutchman has made no comment one way or the other. Nonetheless, it is increasingly clear that the Red Devils are still heavily in the market for a striker, perhaps to replace Dimitar Berbatov, and losing out on winger Lucas Moura to PSG earlier in the day will have no doubt increased some of the frustration that Ferguson hints at above.

The increased interest from the red part of Manchester also does little to change the fact that Arsenal would be loathe to let their best forward go to a direct rival and club that they are trying to catch in the table. The cost of lost funds for keeping him at Arsenal could debatably even pay for the benefits of keeping him off of MUFC's roster.

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