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Are Arsenal looking for Fullback Crisis insurance?

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Nobody can deny that Arsenal had issues at fullback last year with injuries, but the below rumor seems like a bit of a reach anyhow:

...There is also the prospect of [Robin van Persie's] Holland team-mate ­Gregory van der Wiel ­arriving for £7million...

Van der Wiel also has one year left on his ­contract at Ajax and the Dutch champions are ­anxious to cash in rather than lose him on a free next summer.

Van der Wiel hopes to join the Gunners...

Gregory van der Wiel plays right back for Ajax and for The Netherlands. He is undoubtedly a good right back, but last time I checked, Bacary Sagna plays at right back for Arsenal, and he had averaged 34 starts a season until last year. Granted, he's injured at the moment, but he was also dancing in a team promotion in Nigeria, so he can't be that far off. And then there is backup Carl Jenkinson...

We know that the club played nearly a dozen different players at fullback last year, and we know that fullback is a crucial tactical position for the Gunners, and we know that competition for places is a good thing. We also know that Robin van Persie wants to leave Arsenal, and van der Wiel is a national teammate of his.

Still, £7 million for an experienced international to back up Bacary Sagna? It's one thing if it's a backup for Kieran Gibbs (as Andre Santos was last August), but one for Sagna seems far less likely. Best to file this one in the "very slim chance this is a real thing" file.

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