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Robin van Persie's transfer "secrets"

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We haven't talked about Robin van Persie in, oh, a couple of days, with things quieting down significantly on that front after bids from Manchester United, Manchester City, and Juventus came through the ether. There is no reason to really feel one way or the other about the striker's current situation, but that doesn't mean that some of the English papers, such as the Daily Star, aren't going to try to reveal the innermost secrets in van Persie's secretest diary of secrets:

Starsport can reveal the Dutchman has been hugely impressed by efforts made to boost the Gunners squad, which was strengthened further yesterday by the capture of Spain international Santi Carzola...

...Van Persie is believed to be coming round to the idea of staying, with a feeling spreading through the camp that they can be serious title challengers.

-- Source: David Woods, The Daily Star

There's no source for that in particular, though, nor is there one for the Star's saying that the mood at the club is much higher now that new signings are arriving. Not, that, you know, you couldn't have sort of gleaned that yourselves just by reading the posts on the club's official site for the past month talking about how stoked everyone is that Lukas Podolski and Olivier Giroud have arrived on the scene.

Is van Persie more excited about the club's "ambition" than he was two months ago? Maybe. Has he said a word, or is there even a source saying that he has? Nope. The arrival of new players also changes nothing about the wages possibly on offer at other clubs.

So has anything changed? Nope.

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