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Could Michael Essien be joining Arsenal?

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There has been reported interest in Michael Essien from Arsenal's camp all morning and afternoon long. Various sources have said something was up, and then other people have said, no, nothing is up. It has gone down roughly like this:

First, from the BBC World Service's Oluwashina Okeleji:

Then, from the slightly-more-tabloidy Daily Mirror's John Cross:

And now, from the Sunday Mirror's Andy Dunn, this news that Essien isn't traveling to play in the SuperCup:

Michael Essien was once probably the best central midfielder in the Premier League, a player who could run for 120 minutes, pass very well, shoot absolute bombs, and tackle like the dickens. Or like Charles Dickens. However, he played 19 matches last year after his knee basically exploded. Still, he is 29 years old, and Arsenal do need a midfielder of roughly Essien's skillset--a tough, quick holding midfielder who can actually pass--and Chelsea seem to be open to the idea of moving him on, even if just on loan, after the emergence of John Obi Mikel. So the idea of this move isn't totally outlandish.

Keep an eye out on this one; we'll have more as things develop. This one's been all over the map.

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