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Fusillade 15: Transfer Bonanza

I agree
I agree

After a week off, or something, Fusillade (the official Arsenal podcast of The Thinking Person) returns with a vengeance! Actually, it returned with Ted and me talking about transfers, and very little if any real vengeance. But you know, anything to inject some false excitement into the thing.

A bit of preview and the credits after the jump.

No questions from the peanut gallery this week, as Ted and I decided to just do our best to outline what needs to happen in the next half-day or so before the transfer window closes, in order to give Arsenal a shot at the title or something like that. We talk about positions of need and then come up with some broad suggestions as to who could fill said holes.

And we both forgot Isco, evidently. I meant to mention Isco.

So yeah, there's really not much more to say that wouldn't give anything away, so I'll shut up now. Just go listen to the damn thing.

Hosts: Thomas Wachtel, Ted Harwood
Producer/Editor: Thomas Wachtel

Fusillade 15: Transfer Bonanza

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