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What pieces do Arsenal need at the transfer deadline?

"if you ask me, Arsene, what Arsenal nee-"..."I didn't ask you, Howard"
"if you ask me, Arsene, what Arsenal nee-"..."I didn't ask you, Howard"

Over at the SBNation soccer mothership, Callum Hamilton has rounded up the needs and realistic possibilities for each of the 20 English Premier League clubs as Friday's transfer deadline approaches. Go have a look at what he suggests.

For my part, I feel better about left back than right back at the moment, but Carl Jenkinson hasn't been terrible defensively so far this year, even if his offensive play hasn't lit the world even remotely on fire. The current healthy state of Kieran Gibbs is wonderful, but we know that he's prone to injury (a thing I hope changes). He has, however, been one of Arsenal's best performers through the first two games. I'm not convinced that the question "who will be Arsenal's defensive midfielder" is best answered by saying "Abou Diaby", but I also wouldn't be surprised to see Arsenal move away from the idea of a defensive midfielder and fully embrace a double pivot with less tackle-y and more intercept-y hold-y mids, at least for the bulk of their matches. Replacing Alex Song the Deep-Lying Playmaker is another matter.

Also, I would personally love another striker, because I'm not in love with the idea of Lukas Podolski being both our starting left winger and a backup to Olivier Giroud at the same time. I think one more solid piece could help there.

Given the ins and outs so far, where do you think Arsenal need to strengthen? Do you agree with Mr. Hamilton's post? Share your thoughts in the comments!