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Nuri Sahin to join Liverpool on season loan

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Turkish international midfielder and long-rumored Arsenal target Nuri Sahin is set to complete a loan to Liverpool pending a medical, according to the Reds' official website. The details of the move are unclear a bit at the moment, but it is apparent that Liverpool were not seeking a buy option as Arsenal reportedly were, which undoubtedly makes the deal more attractive from Madrid's viewpoint. According to the Spanish paper Marca (not always the best source, so take this as you like), the fee was £5 million, which Madrid will be quite happy about, since that's almost the price they paid to get Sahin from BvB in the first place.

EDIT: also, the percentage of Sahin's 110k/wk wages was maybe a thing, according to Jamie Sanderson. We know how Arsenal are about wages...

I won't claim to not be a bit bummed by this piece of news, as Sahin is a great player who would have helped things depth-wise in the midfield, but there are indications that Wenger might still be in the hunt for another midfielder, and the transfer window is still very much open. Arsenal are doing okay at the deep-lying playmaker position in some ways, anyway, although the recent sale of Alex Song has lightened things up a bit in that particular area. We'll keep everyone apprised of what's going on in that area as time rolls along, here.

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